10 Steps to Starting an eCommerce Store

Get started quicker, and on the right foot, with this great primer!

Starting an eCommerce business can be exciting, and we want to help you plan for success!

A business plan will help you get all your thoughts in one place and identify any gaps. It will help you determine your business goals, set business expectations, and provide a roadmap to get started and grow.

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In this ebook we help answer these questions:

  • What Are You Going to Sell?
  • Where Will You Source Your Products?
  • Have You Created Your Business Identity?
  • What’s Your Business Structure?
  • Do You Have the Necessary Licenses
  • and Permits?
  • Will You be Online Only or Also Have a
  • Brick and Mortar Store?
  • How Will You Host Your eCommerce
  • Business?
  • How Will You Design Your eCommerce
  • Business Website?
  • How Will You Market Your Business?
  • What is Your Business Goal or Dream?