eBook: 6 Golden Rules for Making Time for Your Side Business

Learn how to make time to build up your side business — while working full time — with our free guide!

With so many demands being made on our time, time has become our most precious resource. In this eBook, Cory Miller discusses the three ways full-time workers can make time for a side business. Then he maps out some ways you can make the most of that time to grow a successful business from a side project. Learn how to balance work, a side gig, and your life and relationships — get the direction and affirmation you need for your journey, from Commerce Journey.

“I preach the need for help, support, and accountability to entrepreneurs because we’re stubborn and don’t think we need anyone, but we really do.”

— Cory Miller, 6 Golden Rules for Making Time for Your Side Business

In this eBook, you will learn the following rules for building a successful side business without losing your sanity:

  • Rule 1: Congrats! You’ve got another job
  • Rule 2: Obsessively focus
  • Rule 3: Reconfigure priorities; purge distractions
  • Rule 4: Maximize the time you have
  • Rule 5: Set and celebrate milestones
  • Rule 6: Seek help, support, accountability
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