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Webinar: How a Great User Journey Can Boost Your Sales Conversions with Shannon Shaffer

Shannon Shaffer explains how to create a great user journey to drive sales. Learn how a positive user experience increases conversions.

Improving Your User's Experience on Your eCommerce Website Will Increase Your Sales

Watch the replay as Cory Miller of Commerce Journey interviews Shannon Shaffer, the director and founder of Purple Finch Studios. Shannon and Cory discuss how user experience on eCommerce sites always impacts sales conversions. Then they answered the essential question: “What makes a good user journey — on your website?”

“What makes a good user journey — on your website?”

When you are building a new eCommerce site or redesigning your existing online store, user experience directly impacts your sales, so get it right! Even small modifications can have a big effect — for good or bad results in your revenue.

What it's actually like for your customers to use your site is a constant and critical experience to understand and consider. As an eCommerce site owner, have you asked yourself the following questions:

When you've begun to look at your online storefront the way your customers do, these are the kind of questions you'll ask. Asking and answering them is essential to your customers' user journey — and your business's success.

Learn More About Shannon Shaffer

Shannon Shaffer, founder of Purple Finch Studios

Shannon has successfully started three businesses since 2006, including FTM Media, a brand that has garnered over 150 million website visitors. Shannon also leads Purple Finch Studios, which has designed and developed over 200 websites since 2015.

You can follow Shannon on LinkedIn and Twitter, or visit her Purple Finch Studios.

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