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Webinar: How to Choose the Best WooCommerce Hosting for Your Store with Kevin Ohashi

Watch Brian Krogsgard interview Kevin Ohashi from Review Signal about the importance of choosing the best WooCommerce hosting for your storefront.

What is the best WooCommerce hosting today?

Watch the replay with Brian Krogsgard of Commerce Journey as he interviews Kevin Ohashi, the founder of Review Signal, about the importance of choosing a quality web hosting provider. Discover what your best options are for WordPress and WooCommerce hosting, according to Kevin’s independent and extensive testing.

The performance of your store’s website depends on the host you choose.

The performance of your WooCommerce store when it’s busy with customers is determined by your host and your hosting plan. To ensure your WooCommerce store performs optimally as a sales vehicle, using the best hosting provider for your needs is essential. But how do you decide who the best host is — for your business?

What’s the best hosting for your WooCommerce site?

Review Signal specializes in testing and comparing the performance of hosting plans offered by major web hosts. WordPress hosts have been reviewed by Review Signal for a full decade as of 2021. In recent years, Kevin has focused specifically on WooCommerce.

One of the first questions faced by newcomers to WooCommerce: “What is the best web hosting for my website?”

In this webinar, Kevin tells us what he has learned about the leading WooCommerce hosting options. We also learn about the performance benchmarks that matter most to you as Kevin shares his research into major hosting companies.

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Learn More About Kevin Ohashi

Kevin Ohashi from Review Signal

Kevin runs the independent and comprehensive web hosting benchmark and review site, Review Signal. He also does freelance web development at

You can follow Kevin on Twitter or find him on his personal blog at We’ve interviewed him in the past at Post Status. 😄

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