Some Costs are Way Too High

Get the flexibility and fulfillment you want from your eCommerce business — but not at the cost of your relationships and emotional health.

Cory has authored a brief and handy guide to time management with a side-hustle. Six Golden Rules for Making Time for Your Side Business will affirm you in your side projects, which is how a lot of people start their commerce journey. Please pass it on to anyone you know who is trying to scrape out more time for a side gig without going crazy.

Cory's book will tell you things you already know about where you can get more time and what it will cost you. Some of those costs — to family and friends — are too high for anyone to pay. Don't sacrifice your sanity and personal life, whatever you do!

In that vein, Jennifer Bourn is going to speak with Cory tomorrow about related topics for our next webinar. Join us! RSVP and get your spot today. 🎟️

Jennifer will explain how web design freelancers and micro-agencies can improve their communication, reduce their project management time, boost their profit margins, and make more money. All without the unnecessary stress and uncertainty that can, sadly, take over your life — if you let it. So don't!

Tell us how your journey is going and what you need or have found along the way.

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By Dan Knauss

Dan Knauss is a writer, editor, speaker, and teacher. He's a long-time WordPress freelancer who enjoys helping people use digital publishing effectively. Dan also blogs about disability, neuropathy, neuromuscular disease, and medical research at