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Webinar: Starting an eCommerce Business — Myths and Realities with Topher DeRosia

Learn how to start an eCommerce business — the right way. Starting an online business is about more than software and technology.

What are the biggest myths about starting an eCommerce business?

Topher DeRosia is Senior WordPress Architect at Camber Creative and has been a developer advocate and evangelist for BigCommerce. With a career spanning twenty-five years on the web, he has an extensive background with WordPress as a plugin developer. He also has product management and sales experience. Which of these roles is most important in a new business? Topher says there’s a misconception that eCommerce is all about the technology, the software or service platform you use, and that is all you need to get started with an online business.

This could not be more wrong.

Myths and Realities for eCommerce Business Startups

First and foremost, if you’re creating and running a product business, you need to be capable and informed in basic business skills and literacy. Tax law, inventory, and supply chain management, for example.

“There’s a misconception that eCommerce is all about the technology, the software or service platform you use, and that is all you need to get started with an online business.”

— Topher DeRosia

Business Fundamentals Come First in eCommerce

If you have not operated or worked in a brick-and-mortar store, you will need to learn what traditional store owners know when you take your business online.

Don’t let that discourage you though.

It’s not true that you know nothing about eCommerce

Check your self-doubt. “I don’t know anything about eCommerce” is unlikely to be a true statement if you have any business sense or experience at all.

Topher DeRosia and Brian Krogsgard on the Myths and Realities of eCommerce.

If you’re a small-town retailer, you have everything you need — and special advantages in what you know — that can give you a competitive edge in eCommerce.

This doesn’t mean technical matters aren’t important too. Quality hosting matters — all the more so for eCommerce. Site speed and a streamlined, friction-free user experience drive sales.

You’ll need to learn web fundamentals and understand what counts when you build and launch your first storefront online.

Dive into all this and more with Topher and Brian.

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Topher DeRosia

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