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Upcoming Webinar: How to Find and Protect Your Business Identity and Trademarks with Suzann Moskowitz

Join Cory Miller as he hosts Suzann Moskowitz of The Moskowitz Firm. Suzann helps businesses identify and protect intellectual property.

Join Cory Miller as he interviews Suzann Moskowitz on June 8. Suzann is a Stanford Law-trained attorney who helps businesses identify and protect their intellectual property. This includes trademarks (e.g. brand names and logos), copyrights and domain names. Suzann also drafts and negotiates agreements such as website policies and licensing deals relevant to eCommerce site owners.

Learn how to enhance the value of your company’s intellectual property. Bring your questions and learn with us!

Suzann will speak from her experience helping businesses navigate the changing legal landscape of technology and privacy. All eCommerce store owners will find this a valuable conversation.

Join us Tuesday, June 15 @ 2pm CST

Suzann Moskowitz

Suzann is an attorney focusing on trademark and copyright protection at The Moskowitz Firm. An expert in intellectual property, Suzann has significant experience with technology and privacy issues.

You can find Suzann on her websites here: and

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